Lemon – the gateway – oil

I was first introduced to the oils in a special yin and oils class lead by one of my favourite teachers Kathleen.

Each pose got a different oil and somewhere in the proceedings I got a head massage. Totally wonderful. All smelled nice too.

After the class there was a discussion of the oils from my darling yoga teacher. I was like  – thanks for sharing. Oooh bliss balls. Mmm yum. Oh is that the time. Thanks. Cheers. Bye.

Sometime later when I was having a chat Kathleen asked if I could be interested in getting some oils. ‘Why not. Now I don’t want any membership thing. I just want Lemon, Peppermint and Wild Orange’ in my best ‘this is not open for discussion’ voice. 

I am a woman who knows her own mind. Thing is I just don’t yet know when my mind is wrong.

So I was duly signed up as a ‘preferred member’ – so wrong on so many levels – and my three oils were ordered. They came from the States and arrived in like 3 days. Wow.

Day one I put three drops of the lemon in my water bottle. Now I often drink lemon water but this was a bit different. The oil is from the zest rather than the juice. Makes sense as how do you extract oil from a liquid? I hadn’t really thought that through as I was expecting it to be like lemon juice.

What I found though was it helped manage my energy levels through the day and just generally made me feel ‘cleaner’. Great enhancement for pretty much all cooking. Because what dish isn’t improved with lemon zest?

Cleaner is an interesting expression as this week I managed to embed cooking paper into my induction cook top. It is a skill – what can I say. Not really wanting to have the conversation with my husband for like the twelve thousand millionth time about how I am messy and don’t take enough care with things  – all true but hey I can’t be good at everything – I put lemon oil on the paper. And then left it there. Because the whole doing nothing I am totally expert at.

Came back after an hour and it came off just rubbing with my fingernail. Apparently it also works on stickers that our little darlings put all over the house because they think that is cool.

As a result I find myself buying a bottle every month. And if someone were to say I could only ever have one oil – seriously scary thought – it would be lemon.

Anyway here is the official word. Strangely no mention on annoyed husbands. Can’t have got through their comms people.




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