Hi there

My name is Andrea and this is my oil blog. Welcome. 

This is my second blog. My first one is on tax. Except I actually know something about tax.

Essential Oils – not so much. Although somehow I am now ‘building’. Which is one of those expressions that means something to those on the inside.

I am not entirely sure how that happened but hey I am being open to the experience. And with my tax thing I have found I quite like blogging. So I will use this to process the experience as well as provide a place to put all the stuff I find useful in one place.

And yes I am a doTerra Wellness Advocate. I am completely underwhelmed by the title/expression but it is what it is. I am – however – completely overwhelmed by the oils and their effects. And it is that that has brought me here.

This blog will – among other things – discuss the effects of the oils on me and those close to me. I make zero – zip – nada – representations about how they may work with you. Not just that to do so would be a breach of doTerra’s authorised claims – but also seriously – who takes health advice from a tax specialist?

If you are interested in seeing if you might also become completely overwhelmed by these oils – send me an email. Details are in the contact section.