LR what?

Now here you are a brand new doTerra customer and wellness advocate (WA) – really could do with a name change – having bought the Home Essentials Kit and have the warm glow of expectation. And then comes the question would you like to join the Loyalty Rewards Program(me).

Slightly reminiscent of how when you have just had a baby – and feeling knackered, pleased, stunned, or all of the above. And in my case anyway – that was enough. I’d have liked to have sat with that experience for say a week and then turned my mind to the whole ‘looking after them thing’ once properly rested. But no I had to feed them. And pretty much immediately. Because reasons.

And in a tiny way the LRP question is a bit like that. Because – let’s be honest – there isn’t anything exactly simple about this oils gig. So – as someone who can do serious detail –  I thought I’d set out how I look at it. Hope it helps.

First thing. It is optional. Unlike – I think even 25 years later – feeding babies. The whole 25% discount on oils happens no matter how you buy them. That is locked and loaded regardless.

Second thing. You can get out of it anytime you like. Now you might lose points. But if you join and it starts to flip you out. Ring the help line, Cancel it and move back to step 1.

Why would you join?

The deal is that you get points which can be used to get free oils. But only if you do what I tell you below and the total PV of your order exceeds 50. Now PV is not the price of the oil. Because – no idea. Options are: a) worry and get confused by this or b) accept and move on. Having started with a) I’d recommend b).

Purchases over 125 points shipped before 15th of the month get the ‘Product of the Month’. Some months like last month it is super cool – full sized Marjoram. Other months like June 5ml Easy Air – not so much. You do not need to put this in your cart it will get added automatically.

The product of the month is announced on the 1st of month US time or around the 2nd in normal time.

So best to choose a date around 5th or 8th of month so you can see if it is worth ordering enough to get it.

This hasn’t been me. As did I mention I geniously didn’t get the Home Essentials Kit and so have had my orders to ship on the 1st. Because I just couldn’t wait. Don’t be like me.

What is it?

It is a monthly schedule for ordering oils. Except the date can be changed at any time and what is purchased can be changed up to 24 hours before the shipping date.

You can also get orders immediately by using the ‘ship now’ option.

So it is a monthly schedule that can be (almost) constantly changed and shipped at (almost) any time. Makes complete sense. Just go with it.

How do you set it up?

Sometimes the WA you enrolled with may have set this up for you. Me – I prefer people do it themselves. No right answer.

But if you have to do it yourself when you log in – on the right is a LRP box with a question to join or set up LRP. Click on this.

Then comes a question about date. When you first join the only dates will be in the following month. Pick a date. Anytime between 5th and 10th is good.

Then think about what you might like to buy. Choose you oils and check your cart. If it says ‘one time order’ delete that and try again.

If that has happened to you – make sure you have an LRP set up. Trick is if it is still asking you if you want to join – it is not set up.

Otherwise in New Zealand it should look something like this:

With the stuff wot you have chosen in either the Australian or US section.

When do I get my points?

The ‘points run’ happens after the 15th in the US – so 16th in normal time. For the previous month. Except in the first two months. Because reasons. In those months your points just hang around having a chat and don’t show themselves until two months go by. They are there. Just hiding.

I guess this is why there is the whole POM thing. An incentive to buy before last months points – and possibly more free oils – come in.

How do I spend my points?

They show at the bottom of the cart.

And the use points part will give you the option of using points for that oil. Some oils on redemption require more points than shown when buying. Only way to know for sure is play and then see how many you have left.

Using points also have to be processed there and then. They cant be saved. No biggies though. Nearer the time you want you order go in and process it immediately. The cart will reset to following month. No risk of it processing again that month.

How many points do I get?

Enrollment month or month zero – zip, nada, nowt

Months 1 – 3 10%

Months 4-6 15%

Months 7-9 20%

Months 10-12 25%

Month 13 onward 30%

But in each of those months you need to have bought product with more than 50 points. When you haven’t alg – but no percentage advancement.

Shipping points

Currently if you are in Australia you get shipping points on a one for one basis for every dollar spent. New Zealand doesn’t get that at the moment from Australia but does from US. These are just as good as normal points.

Also looks like should get shipping points from Australia from 1 September 2017. 

What is the catch?

Do need to order something every month that has a PV value to keep it all valid. Can be really small though. In this case order through US to get shipping points.

Need to order more than 50 points to get advancement and to get actual points – other than shipping ones .

So off you go? What have I missed?



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